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Looking For A Tiny Home Builder In Benbrook?

Does this sound like something you are up for? Cutting costs, starting over, getting ahead, adding adventure, reducing burdens… this is where we can help.

“Carl Ratcliff, lives in a 150-square-foot house in Paradise, TX. He finished out the entire house with his own hands, working nights and weekends over the course of about a year. Even though he had no previous experience with construction, the only parts he hired a professional for were the plumbing and the electrical system.

“Carl’s house is parked on a 32-acre parcel of land in the county, which he leases from a friend for a nominal fee. The house is mostly off the grid, with propane appliances, solar panels, a composting toilet, and a greywater system to process the wastewater from the shower and sink. The only utilities he receives is cable internet.

“Carl says living tiny has dramatically lowered his cost of living, enabling him to pay off most of his debts and start a business. He has more free time, more money in the bank, and lower stress. He loves being able to “take long walks most days, take more vacations, and have lunches and dinners with family more often.”

This is the tiny house movement, and it’s a big deal for Benbrook.  People have all kinds of reasons for choosing to live tiny. Some are looking for ways to own a home without a mortgage, some want a house they can take with them wherever they go, and some are just trying to tread more lightly on the Earth from Benbrook. Whatever their reasons, they’re part of a growing trend that’s gradually changing the way Americans talk – and think – about ‘TINY’ and home in Benbrook.

Your Benbrook Tiny Home Shell Delivery

Tiny Home Shells are available in various styles, sizes, and with options that meet any need and fit any budget.  They make great vacation homes, offices, mother-in-law suites, hunting cabins, and more. We offer many models ready for you to complete with interior finishing in your own style.  We offer Special Options like Floor Insulation and Insulated Windows to give you a big head start on interior finishing. Or, keep it unfinished for the most stylish storage solution in your neighborhood!

Benbrook tiny house owners get really creative with the interiors. Custom cabinetry, creative furnishings, door pulls, washer, dryer, showers, solar – the ideas are everywhere. The nice part is that you live in your creation, meaning you can add and subtract at any time. Imagine owing less, caring for a well fitted tiny house and having your vision come to life with your own hands. We can get you started. We can help finance the shell delivered to you in Benbrook. Talk with us.

Benbrook Tiny House Shell Final Word

Living in a tiny house isn’t for everyone. Anyone who is claustrophobic or is deeply attached to belongings that take up lots of room won’t feel comfortable in a space this small. And of course, the bigger your family, the harder it is to live together in a tiny space – though there are various ways to work around that problem.

In general, tiny living works best for those who are willing to abandon the widespread social ideal that “bigger is better” and replace it with “less is more.” That is, having less space, and less stuff to fill it, means more money, more freedom, and more time for the things that matter most. That’s the ethos of the tiny house movement and the key to its appeal.

Would you like to live in a tiny home?

Tiny Home Financial Options For People In Benbrook

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